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About us

A Saferoad company

INTER METAL is a dynamically developing company operating in the area of road safety. Our products include complete elements of steel safety barriers made according to the EN 1317 standard used in Poland and abroad. Since its establishment in 1993 INTER METAL has offered top quality products, which helped to strengthen its position on the Polish and EU markets.
It is owned by Saferoad Group with its Headquarters in Oslo. Saferoad offers high-quality road safety solutions for authorities and contractors engaged in infrastructure. The Group's mission is to develop safe, innovative and sustainable solutions that shall protect and support people on the move, whether they go by foot, bike or car. 

With its products and solutions Saferoad contributes to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured in traffic. 

EU Funding

The company Inter Metal received a subsidy for financing the project of "We build innovations based on the competences of the employees of Inter Metal". This project shall be co-financed by the European Union through resources available from the European Social Fund.