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Safety Barriers

We produce steel safety barriers used on motorways all over Europe. Our standard products include Mega Rail systems, structural connections to concrete, transition systems and mobile safety barriers. Our products are made according to the EN 1317 standard and meet all energy absorption requirements. They are used on roads in Europe and Poland.

All our products are hot-dip zinc coated and are corrosion resistant.


INTER METAL offers a number of services, among them design of special custom made structures. Our designers are highly qualified engineers working in a modern design office equipped with CAD stations.

Orders placed with us are processed in cooperation with other specialized companies.

Excellent customer service is top priority for INTER METAL.

Research & Development

We listen to our customers, implement their suggestions, and design and manufacture products meeting their requirements.Customer ideas are turned into finished products by our engineers, who use modern, computer assisted design tools.

A continuous error analysis helps us to optimize production processes and products. Prototypes are first tested under laboratory conditions and then mass produced.